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Recommended Reading: 7.31.2013

  Ready for some r(eading) & r(elaxation)? I wish I was still in a Muskoka chair by the lake with a good book, but since I’m at home in my office here’s what I’m reading online this week. Would you want to live in a public bathroom? Check out this conversion before you say no! […]

Get This Look: Erica’s Condo Round 1 – Bathroom Choices

I was just thinking that maybe it’s a little mean to make Erica choose between Mere’s decorating ideas and mine. It’s just so fun to come up with different looks that we couldn’t help ourselves! No pressure, ok Erica? We know you love us both. 1. Mirror  2. Accessories  3. Shower curtain  4. Bathmat  5. […]

Homes We Love: Danielle Nicholas Bryk

We don’t have cable TV at our house. It’s an admission I had a hard time making when I was working in the TV software industry! But it’s the same decision that a lot of families like ours seem to be making these days. Since we so infrequently watch anything on live TV it just […]

Recommended Reading: 7.24.2013

  Today’s cool weather is making this seem like a good day to snuggle up on the couch with my laptop and catch up on some reading. Alas, I’m crazy busy with work and life stuff right now, but if you happen to have a few minutes to spare today I’ve got reading list for […]

Get This Look: Personalizing A Small Open Concept Space

Meredith and I may have only recently started this blog together, but we’ve been friends for over a decade (!!!). We met in the late 1990s when we worked together at Corel and have stayed in touch over the years through regular get togethers with a couple of other Corel girls. For our latest girls […]

Design Crush: Typography Art

Happy Friday everyone! We received an email from a reader named Shirley asking about where to find typographic artwork (vintage or otherwise) in the city. She’d been searching for old subway signs in Toronto and now that she’s moved to Ottawa she wanted to see what our city has to offer in the world of […]

Get This Look: Meredith’s Ultimate Party Kitchen

AyA Kitchens & Bath is sponsoring a contest to send a lucky blogger to Toronto for BlogPodium, including transportation and hotel. The way to win? Create a mood board for your ultimate party kitchen, inspired by an image from the AyA Kitchens & Bath website and including a signature cocktail or dish. Here’s my entry…  Mere’s Mood […]

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