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Add Art to Your Walls that Perfectly Match Your Decor

You know we love paint here at Newberry Sykes. We love colours and paint chips and getting creative. But quite honestly I’ve never completed a paint project without a brush. Not even using digital media software; I always use a brush there too. So colour me happy to discover that I could make a piece […]

Recommended Reading: 10.30.2013

BOO humbug! Yes, that’s right. I am the Ebenezer Scrooge of Hallowe’en. It’s just not my thing. Good thing Mere has you covered for the pumpkin holiday! As for me, I am counting down the hours until November 1, and you will not hear me complaining about how early the Christmas stuff starts showing up […]

Personalize Your Hallowe’en Pumpkins with Paint

Hey there! It’s almost Hallowe’en. (If the stores full of bite-sized chocolate and diets-gone-wrong didn’t already give it away.) This weekend my family and I headed out, in the rain, to Miller’s Farm & Market in Manotick for our annual pumpkin picking trip. Geared up with our rain boots and coats we embraced the day […]

Design Crush: Ottawa Artistry

This weekend was a busy one for Ottawa exhibitions. I realized too late on Sunday that the Ottawa Art Expo 2013 was on. And of course if you read our review of the Ottawa Antique Show you know it was in full swing too. So while I didn’t get to the Art Expo, I was […]

Saturday Shopping: Ottawa Antique Show

Fellow shoppers, we are here to tell you that there are some awesome finds to be had at the Ottawa Antique Show, on this weekend at the Carleton University Fieldhouse. We got a sneak peek at the show an hour before it opened yesterday. Lucky! Does the word antique make you think of traditional, country-inspired […]

Get This Look: Style Mash-Up

We’d like to extend a big good morning to Covet Garden readers today. Good morning! To see more about why peeps from this amazing magazine are here, or to read a little bit more about the story behind our blog, check out the Covet Garden blog and be prepared to be inspired.  eclectic (adjective): deriving ideas, style, […]

Recommended Reading: 10.23.2013

  When I was in Toronto last week, the showrooms were buzzing with anticipation for High Point Market, which is happening now in North Carolina. Held twice a year, High Point Market is the world’s largest furniture industry trade show. Some 75,000 buyers, manufacturers and design industry insiders flock to the show to see and […]

Design Crush: Plumen Light Bulbs

I stumbled upon this image online while looking at The Modern Shop for lighting options. The Plumen Light Bulb has such an interesting design AND is a long-lasting bulb so I’m now trying to find places to use them in. They can be used in place of any regularly-sized lamp bulb. Check out how Linebox […]

Saturday Shopping: Girls Day Out

  Today’s post is a bit of a trip down memory lane for me. When I was little, I spent many a Saturday afternoon shopping with my mom, my grandmother, and my great aunt. I remember trying my best not to whine or complain, in the hopes that Nan would buy me a toy. She […]

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