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Take Your Decor Style From House to House

My aunt and I were talking about house styles awhile back. She said, ‘I bought a Victorian and felt like I had to decorate it like a Victorian’. Now she’s spending her time decorating her house the way she wants instead of what she thought the house had to look like. Bye bye wing chairs […]

How To Spot Custom Window Treatments

  I spent two intensive days last week expanding my knowledge of custom window treatments, and fell even more in love with them than I was before. Why? Quite simply – there is no better way to give a room a high end, designer-perfect look. It’s true, going custom requires an investment. If you’ve never […]

The Design Advice Sarah Richardson Gave Me

So, what would you do if you asked for design advice from one of the most talented designers, whose style you envy and whose TV show you watch religiously — and she answered your call for help? Would you absorb all the details and follow her advice to the letter? Would you take some bits […]

Shopping Hot Spot: Modern Karibou

I’ll admit, every now and then I’d just like to press Enter on an online shopping cart and have all my room accessories delivered to me. I’m not a good online shopper since I like to hem & haw and touch & feel things, but Modern Karibou has some well-curated rooms to inspire the online […]

Homes We Love: Alice’s Village Cafe

Hey! Alice’s Cafe isn’t technically a home (like the title says)…but Sue & I love it! I love it and I haven’t even been in it yet. Sue’s a very satisfied customer and loves it both inside and out. So why am I writing about it? Well, it’s not just about the food, but I […]

Chez Nous: Furniture On The Move

Does this happen at your house? All you want to do is crash on the couch after a long day and watch tv…but the couch isn’t where you left it. In fact, nothing’s where it was when you were last in this room. What’s going on with the furniture? Men everywhere are nodding their heads […]

Design Crush (or not!): Radiant Orchid

Show of hands please. Who has had a purple room in their life? Mom & Aunt Anne, please put your hands up, I know you have some purple/pink skeletons in your closet! My own hand is up, I had some purple curtains in university and a matching duvet. But today there’s not a single accessory […]

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