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Spring Fever With The #ParaBlogCrew

Ottawa readers, I know you’re all feeling the spring fever today! How could we not be, with that glorious sunshine and warmth (especially after yesterday’s little “surprise” blizzard). I spent a lovely bit of the afternoon sitting on my west-facing porch, soaking up the rays and coming up with ideas for my contribution to the […]

In the Glebe: An Art-filled Home

You know those houses that you walk into and feel absolutely at home? Sometimes that’s your house, and that’s awesome. Sometimes it’s a friend’s house and that’s usually slightly awkward for your friend when you put on their bathrobe and settle in for the night. OK, so that didn’t actually happen in this house, but […]

Hot Shopping Spot: The Glebe Emporium

Spring has certainly arrived in the Glebe. Perhaps in storefronts only — but that won’t be for long I hope. Everywhere you look stores have embraced the season and done their best to spring us out of our winter funk. This week Sue & I are going highlight some of our favourite places in this […]

Homes We Love: Vanier, Reimagined (Ottawa Citizen)

I’m so excited to share this article, available on the Ottawa Citizen’s website right now and in print in Saturday’s newspaper. First of all, please take note of the byline…yep, that’s me! Second, this is a story I’ve been wanting to tell for a while now. The homeowners are good friends of mine, and ever […]

Top Tips for Creating a Beachside Retreat at Home

I’ve been on a virtual shopping trip and a beach vacation over at Wicker Emporium’s blog today. I’m a guest blogger there and I’ve pulled together a mood board and my top tips for creating a beach-side retreat…without the beach. I think it’s especially fitting that it’s posted today given me and many of my Ontario […]

Chez Nous: Sue’s Office + Cutting Edge Stencils Review

Remember my plans for creating a calm, sophisticated work space in my home office? I’m happy to report that all Minecraft playing now happens in other areas of the house. Even better, I have a new desk with lots more room to spread out. And the best part – when the lovely folks at Cutting […]

Apparently it IS easy being green.

I know it’s St. Patrick’s Day and you might be expecting something festive…..but I’m not Irish so it kinda feels like spelling it St. Patty’s Day….wrong! The closest I get to Irish is my cousin’s husband who just moved here from Ireland. Oh, and Nick always manages to wear his Royal Oak t-shirt from St. […]

Friday Fun

Have I mentioned that I love Fridays? Everything seems lighter, brighter, and a little more relaxed on the last day of the work week, and all day long I look forward to our Friday family pizza party – and the accompanying glass(es) of wine, of course. After a fun morning of training today – I […]

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