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Ten Tips To Pick The Perfect Grey Paint Colour

If there were frequent flyer points for driving to paint stores, my aunt would be off to Hawaii for free this week. She’s been hemming and hawing over the perfect grey paint colour for her living room/dining room. She’s been collecting paint chips and grey hairs at each store and still hasn’t come up with […]

Outdoor Furniture 101

After Mere’s post the other day – not to mention the half a dozen episodes of HGTV’s Decked Out that I indulged in on the long weekend – I thought I’d continue with the outdoor decorating theme and share a couple of tips for selecting beautiful and functional outdoor furniture. With so many options at […]

Enjoying the Outdoors All Season Long

A great big sunny warm hello to everyone! I’m this happy because I’ve been enjoying an extended long weekend My little guy, my four-footed hairy guy and I have escaped the city for a few more days and are living life in cottage country. Ahhhh grand-parents and the great outdoors are two perfect ways to […]

Long Weekends & Under $20 Hostess Gift Ideas

Three day weekend! A few years ago, the May long weekend used to mean camping, cottaging or just getting away with friends. Now that I’m older, and a home owner, I normally start planting in the garden. Oh I know, I’m a crazy lady now. Actually, given the frost warnings for Ottawa, I might be […]

Stop! Hammock Time.

This weekend marked the beginning of hammock time, chez Newb. I spent quite a lot of Mother’s Day just hanging with my boys, some pillows and a big glass of ice water. I may have rolled, quite accidentally, somersault-style out of the hammock once. My son may have also fallen out of the hammock once, […]

The Gift of Time + Paint Progress

I was going to put together one of those Mother’s Day gift roundups that are popping up on all the blogs this week, but when I really thought about what I would like for Mother’s Day, just one thing came to mind: TIME. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that […]

Stairway Heaven

I’ve been working on our stairs beside the kitchen this past week. I have not neglected the kitchen, I swear we’ve made progress! Want to see some proof? Sorry my pictures aren’t great, I was grabbing a few action shots with my phone rather than my camera. But I admit, I have also been moonlighting/cheating […]

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