When the World Gives You Paint… Paint Away the Lemonade Colour! {Painted Backyard Shed}

I’ve mentioned it before, the benefit, and the problem of getting free paint for a year is that everything around you is a candidate for a paint makeover. Every. Thing.

newberry sykes shed before

We are lucky to have a shed in our back yard that’s rock-solid, Canadian weather-proofed and big. For someone like me, who has a hoarding problem, that’s a great thing. The only thing our shed doesn’t have going for it is the colour. (To me anyway.) I love the colour yellow, BUT this shed doesn’t match anything in the back yard and it’s in every view from inside and outside the house. (OK, so I don’t like the curvy awning either, but I’m not about to go build another at this point. Apparently I do have limits.) I wanted to minimize the impact of the shed in our small, but big-for-a-downtown backyard.

Of course you know what happened…

newberry sykes shed after

I matched the colour of the siding on our house and the colour of our window casings to pick the shed’s new colour palette, PARA Old Sterling Tint #2 for the main colour and PARA’s Blackfoot Trail for the brown accents. The thing that’s important to remember is that vinyl siding can’t go from white to black, or vice versa. I learned from my new friend, the extremely knowledgeable paint & coatings expert at ColourLux, that the vinyl is actually created for specific colours. If you have a light vinyl and you paint it dark, the heat might absorb into the new colour and potentially buckle the siding. So….while I actually wanted the shed to be a bit darker, functionality was more important.

para colours

I also learned a vauable lesson on using my paint sprayer: Maintenance! I had a few hours of cursing and kicking the paint sprayer when it slowly dawned on me that a poor painter blames her tools. Right. I hadn’t thoroughly cleaned that thing since we first painted our exterior shutters four years ago. I yanked out all the dried chunks of paint and presto, my work was cut in half by using the sprayer. Of course I only realized this once I got to the back of the shed, so I encourage you to come spend time staring at the back side of my shed, it’s impressive painting ;-)

Honestly, I went through a few rounds of colour choices. I had painted the door Blackfoot Trail but it felt dark and gloomy. I Photoshopped the green Annapolis Valley that I used on the back door, but it made the shed stand out more than blend. So it went back to grey. I may very well change my mind again in the future. My favourite part of the shed is the ramp. I am quite smitten with the new stripes.

newberry sykes shed ramp

The best part of painting the shed is that now I have a nice sitting area. It’s the only area of full sun in the back yard in the morning, so I now have a place to put my bench and sit for five minutes. This lets me drink my coffee before I’m hauled into a heavy duty game of towing cars in the sand table. I’m living the dream aren’t I? ;-)

newberry sykes shed benchI could have had this sitting area before, but honestly I had never thought about it until I started prettying up this side of the yard.

The last thing I did with this batch of paint, was touch up a well-worn lantern that had spent one too many winters outdoors. Whoops. I once again used PARA’s MetalGuard paint because I could lightly sand away some of the peeling black paint and rust then recoat with the Annapolis Valley paint that I used on my back door. I found it much less tedious than spray painting because I could control where the paint went, and it took fewer coats than what I could imagine would happen with light spray paint coats and big rusted out dents.

 colourful lanternSo there we have it. A utility shed that looms a little less yellow and a few lessons learned along the way. I don’t think I’m encouraging everyone to paint a shed in their yard. But I must admit that I’m happier having something a little less out of place. We started laying some flagstone this weekend*, so we’re slowly working our way to a prettier back yard. Probably be done just in time for first snow fall ;-). *And by we, I mean Nick. I’m nuts for painting a utility shed, but he’s darned courageous for hauling around flagstone in 40 degree heat!

I hope you all had a fun and happy Canada Day holiday.


Disclaimer: As you might have guessed, as part of the Para Blog Crew 2014 Sue and I are rewarded with free paint. We love the paint so we’re more than happy to use it and write about it. Apart from the paint, we are not perked, paid or in any way reimbursed for our posts.

2 Comments on When the World Gives You Paint… Paint Away the Lemonade Colour! {Painted Backyard Shed}

  1. Lisa Goulet
    July 2, 2014 at 9:26 pm (3 years ago)

    Love the new palette, and your cute and cosy spot. Incidentallly, I also have a sitting area in my backyard in front of our shed, as it’s the only shady spot in our yard. LOL! I have a rusty lantern that I need to paint at the cottage. I’m loving the colour you chose for yours.

    • Meredith Newberry
      July 6, 2014 at 1:02 pm (3 years ago)

      Ha. But you have that gorgeous pool that makes up for the lack of shade :) Annapolis Valley is the green. I love it too. And it got me out of my grey rut ;)


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