About Us

Meredith and Susan are longtime friends who share a love of décor and decided to join forces to write about decorating trends, design lessons and where to find the best style for your home in Ottawa.  Our posts cover house tours, shopping tips, projects we’re tackling, ideas we’re crushing on, trends to bring into your home and stylish new ideas that Ottawa can embrace. We love window-shopping and we show you how to take ideas from designers around the world put them together in the 6-1-3.

Susan Sykes

Skyes_0606BW Photo by Valerie Keeler, Valberg ImagingI’m an interior decorator and freelance writer. An Ottawa native, I recently spent a year and a half living in the Pittsburgh area with my husband and our two children.

I spend my down time shopping, decorating my house (and sometimes my friends’ houses), walking and reading.  If it’s morning you will find me drinking coffee, but in the evening I love a glass of wine.  And although we are happily settled in our latest home, I am a real estate junkie and my husband and I dream of one day owning an investment property or two.

Meredith Newberry

meredith profile_nov13Career-wise, I’m a jack-of-all-trades and a mother of one. I’ve been in high tech sales, marketing and public relations roles and am currently rolling on coats of paint while my son takes his afternoon nap.

At last count, I’ve had thirteen different addresses. I hope I stick with lucky number thirteen because my husband, dog, son and I are pretty happy in our half-renovated house in downtown Ottawa. The other non-renovated half is where I spend my time and test my husband’s patience with paint chips, project ideas and “what if we just knocked that wall out….

When the baby monitor goes on you can find me surfing Pinterest or Houzz, volunteering for my local newspaper, slack-jawed in front of Netflix cuddled up with a Weimaraner and my husband, or blissfully laid out in my hammock with a glass of wine dreaming up my next project.

If you want to reach us, send us an email at newberrysykes@gmail.com.