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Newberry Sykes is pleased to offer advertising space to small and large businesses who offer products and services that may be of interest to our readers. If your target audience is primarily female, age 25+, and passionate about creating beautiful living spaces through design and DIY, consider partnering with us.

Our blog typically has new content 3x/week, with all posts promoted on our Facebook page, on Pinterest and via Twitter.

We have over 1,000 Twitter followers and this number continues to grow daily.

Our posts cover design inspiration, decorating advice, home trends, DIY projects and shopping finds for the home.

Our content is developed with an emphasis on homes and stores that will be of interest to readers in Ottawa, Canada, but we hope to inspire readers from all over with our stylish decor ideas.

Blog authors Meredith and Sue have 20+ combined years of marketing, PR and communications experience and are constantly working on creative ways to extend the reach of our blog. In our blog’s first month, we had over 1,500 page views and 500+ unique visitors. Last month we had over 3,300 page views and 1,200+ unique visitors. We’re growing at a rapid pace with over 60% new visitors on an ongoing basis.

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Giveaways & Product Reviews

We’d love to help put the spotlight on great brands and products by hosting giveaways or reviewing your latest and greatest offerings. As long as the product is likely to appeal to our readership, we’re in!

Guest Posts & Articles

Meredith and Sue are both experienced writers with a knack for storytelling and would love to hear about opportunities to contribute to your site or develop original editorial content for print or online publications.

Want more info? Ready to start working with us? Email us at