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We’re back! And we’ve got a free find to share.

OK, so that was a longer break than we had intended! Christmas vacation turned into New Year’s vacation turned into Valentine’s Day vacation. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. Apologies for the absence, but given the exotic life I’ve been living these days, you might be glad I didn’t post. Yes, between […]

Three Christmas Crafts for the Decorista with Kids

I know that Christmas is for kids. But even though I know that, I sometimes fall prey to the pretty, catalog Christmas decor, and forget how much fun the goofy, ugly or crazy-coloured ornaments can be for kids. There’s a place for my pretty ornaments that have been around since I was a kid. But […]

Chez Newb: Living Room Paint Colour

I’m at it again. I just can’t stop painting. Mostly it’s because PARA Paints chose us to be part of their Blog Crew and well, it was free paint for a year! Talk about motivation for changing up the colours of your house. And change I have. This year I’ve painted the shed, the mudroom, […]

Christmas Tree Card & Photo Display {A Holiday DIY Chez Newb}

When Sue started singing carols and clinking glasses at the Canadian Tire event we were at two weekends ago, I knew she wouldn’t object to posting about Christmas early this year. Christmas is her favourite time of year, and frankly, I can’t argue with her. (I’d definitely take Christmas in July though!) Let’s hope you guys […]

One Room Challenge 2014: The Reveal

I made it…just under the wire! Disclaimer: these photos were taken on a very dark, gloomy November day in Ottawa, in a room that faces east and gets very little natural light, by someone with a fancy camera but not-so-fancy photography skills (yours truly). I do plan to have some better photos taken, but for […]

One Room Challenge Week 5

Remember back in week two of the One Room Challenge, when I joked about getting my master bedroom finished just in time to hibernate for the Ottawa winter? Well, I’m not the only one who’s been feeling the need to create a warm and cozy master retreat – between Mere’s great advice for reader Tracy’s […]

When Hallowe’en Meets Christmas

What a week! I haven’t posted in seven days and it feels like more. (Perhaps in blog-land a week without a post is an eternity?! Sorry!) Sue and I have both been busy, busy, busy. It seems like as soon as Summer turns to Fall we’re on a non-stop go go go schedule, doesn’t it? […]

One Room Challenge Week 4

Um, where did the past week go? I feel like I’ve been running all week – in fact, I literally sprinted through the airport to make my connection at Dulles on Sunday. I spent Monday and Tuesday touring my favourite supplier showrooms at High Point Market and saw SO MANY pretty things. Once I get a […]

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