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Get This Look: The Set of Homeland

Homeland is back! (I haven’t watched the first episode of season four yet though, so no spoilers!) I’ve been known to indulge in a Homeland marathon or two over the past three seasons. I love watching the whole season again one-right-after-another and spotting all the clues, cast or hints that I missed the first time […]

Decorating with White {Wicker Emporium Guest Post}

Warm summer days make me look longingly at beautifully styled and maintained white rooms. I’ve got the white kitchen, so what could be harder to keep clean than that? (She asks knowingly ;-)) I’m over at the Wicker Emporium blog today sharing some tips for how to decorate a white room. And I’m here staring […]

Get This Look: 3 Ways To Use Linen In Your Home

Beach Style Living Room by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Nancy Van Natta Associates   Linen is classic and timeless, fresh and comfortable, soft and luxurious. It’s a sought-after textile in home decorating, offering a winning combination of natural beauty and durabiilty, but does present some challenges. Today I’ve rounded up a few great […]

Enjoying the Outdoors All Season Long

A great big sunny warm hello to everyone! I’m this happy because I’ve been enjoying an extended long weekend My little guy, my four-footed hairy guy and I have escaped the city for a few more days and are living life in cottage country. Ahhhh grand-parents and the great outdoors are two perfect ways to […]

Stop! Hammock Time.

This weekend marked the beginning of hammock time, chez Newb. I spent quite a lot of Mother’s Day just hanging with my boys, some pillows and a big glass of ice water. I may have rolled, quite accidentally, somersault-style out of the hammock once. My son may have also fallen out of the hammock once, […]

Top Tips for Creating a Beachside Retreat at Home

I’ve been on a virtual shopping trip and a beach vacation over at Wicker Emporium’s blog today. I’m a guest blogger there and I’ve pulled together a mood board and my top tips for creating a beach-side retreat…without the beach. I think it’s especially fitting that it’s posted today given me and many of my Ontario […]

Easy DIY: Painted Curtains

This post probably won’t fall under any “style” categories…but it will be filed under how I made something that I had kicking around in the basement work for me again.   As I mentioned yesterday in my dining room paint post, I even painted my curtains using PARA’s Ultra paint in Outer Space Cadet. The […]

Get This Look: Island Style

I spent last week in paradise. Seriously. I have the photos to prove it.           Our stay at Cragmere Villa in beautiful Barbados made me want to bring a little bit of island style back to Ottawa to keep me warm until winter’s over. The villa is perched on a cliff […]

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