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Chez Newb: Living Room Paint Colour

I’m at it again. I just can’t stop painting. Mostly it’s because PARA Paints chose us to be part of their Blog Crew and well, it was free paint for a year! Talk about motivation for changing up the colours of your house. And change I have. This year I’ve painted the shed, the mudroom, […]

When Hallowe’en Meets Christmas

What a week! I haven’t posted in seven days and it feels like more. (Perhaps in blog-land a week without a post is an eternity?! Sorry!) Sue and I have both been busy, busy, busy. It seems like as soon as Summer turns to Fall we’re on a non-stop go go go schedule, doesn’t it? […]

Chez Newb: Harvest Table Gets An Industrial Makeover

Three years ago when my husband’s grandmother moved, she handed down her handmade harvest table to us. We love that it was made by Nick’s grandfather and it was so nice to have something with history in our house. It’s a great size for our small dining room. The only problem is that the way […]

Decking Out The Yard Chez Newb

Hey there! I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend. Sue is getting the kids back at school today and my little guy is starting pre-school tomorrow. Yikes — the summer months flew by. At least we have this fabulous summer weather to keep us in a relaxed state of mind. (Right? ) To […]

Chez Newb: Adding Curb Appeal with Stain

When we bought our house five years ago, we bought it for the potential and location, not for the exact state it was in at the time. It definitely had appeal to me, but not necessarily the curb appeal I really wanted. Very slowly throughout the years we’ve changed, renovated, added and upgraded so much […]

Entryway Enhancements: Mere’s Mudroom Plans

I think with our late start to Spring and Summer I missed the crucial “Spring Cleaning” binge. Or maybe I’m just lazy? Regardless, I’m making up for lost time. As you might remember I’ve been painting the shed, buying a new vacuum, trying to finish the kitchen by tackling new projects, and painting my back […]

What to do with a Blank Wall? {Drop Cloth Canvas Art Tutorial}

Finally! A picture of the kitchen! (Part of it at least.) We’re still struggling with kitchen reno paralysis. Ugh. Everywhere we look there’s another job to do and we’re at a loss finding the time together to get it all done. Awhile ago, we painted the back kitchen wall an incredible dark grey MOLTEN by […]

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