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One Room Challenge 2014: The Reveal

I made it…just under the wire! Disclaimer: these photos were taken on a very dark, gloomy November day in Ottawa, in a room that faces east and gets very little natural light, by someone with a fancy camera but not-so-fancy photography skills (yours truly). I do plan to have some better photos taken, but for […]

One Room Challenge Week 5

Remember back in week two of the One Room Challenge, when I joked about getting my master bedroom finished just in time to hibernate for the Ottawa winter? Well, I’m not the only one who’s been feeling the need to create a warm and cozy master retreat – between Mere’s great advice for reader Tracy’s […]

One Room Challenge Week 3

Can you believe it’s already the halfway point in the One Room Challenge? I’m playing along and FINALLY tackling my master bedroom decor plans. So far, I put together a mood board for making the space warm and cozy, and gave the walls a fresh coat of Para paint (as a member of the 2014 […]

One Room Challenge Week Two

Last week I took the plunge and decided to show you how I’m taking my master bedroom from a totally blah room to a warm and cozy retreat, week by week, as part of the One Room Challenge. The final reveal is scheduled for November 6, just in time for hibernation season to start here […]

The Great Accent Wall Debate

For anyone who’s been waiting for an update on my paint paralysis, here’s a sneak peek at the accent wall I painted in our bedroom on the weekend: It’s a deep, deep brown called Blackfoot Trail by Para Paints.* I wanted something dark and dramatic to minimize contrast with the headboard so that the whole […]

Chez Nous: The Waiting Game

The life of a decorator is full of waiting. I haven’t always been the most patient person, but I’m getting better (out of necessity!) I wish I could wave a magic wand and have all the beautiful design elements I’ve selected for my clients instantly appear in their homes, but the reality is that custom […]

Chez Nous: Sue’s Office + Cutting Edge Stencils Review

Remember my plans for creating a calm, sophisticated work space in my home office? I’m happy to report that all Minecraft playing now happens in other areas of the house. Even better, I have a new desk with lots more room to spread out. And the best part – when the lovely folks at Cutting […]

Chez Nous: Furniture On The Move

Does this happen at your house? All you want to do is crash on the couch after a long day and watch tv…but the couch isn’t where you left it. In fact, nothing’s where it was when you were last in this room. What’s going on with the furniture? Men everywhere are nodding their heads […]

Add Art to Your Walls that Perfectly Match Your Decor

You know we love paint here at Newberry Sykes. We love colours and paint chips and getting creative. But quite honestly I’ve never completed a paint project without a brush. Not even using digital media software; I always use a brush there too. So colour me happy to discover that I could make a piece […]

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