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What to do with a Blank Wall? {Drop Cloth Canvas Art Tutorial}

Finally! A picture of the kitchen! (Part of it at least.) We’re still struggling with kitchen reno paralysis. Ugh. Everywhere we look there’s another job to do and we’re at a loss finding the time together to get it all done. Awhile ago, we painted the back kitchen wall an incredible dark grey MOLTEN by […]

The Design Advice Sarah Richardson Gave Me

So, what would you do if you asked for design advice from one of the most talented designers, whose style you envy and whose TV show you watch religiously — and she answered your call for help? Would you absorb all the details and follow her advice to the letter? Would you take some bits […]

Let’s Talk Tile Today

The kitchen update Chez Newb is continuing slowly during the holidays. We’ve gotten the cabinets and appliances installed & the electrical completed, but we’re taking our time (i.e. relaxing over the holidays & enjoying our family time!) finishing everything up. But one easy thing we can do is make a decision on backsplash tile. There […]

I’ve Got a One-Track Mind: Directional Lighting

Once we took down the wall in the kitchen, I quickly had a duh! moment. Why had we been living with such a bad light fixture for so long? It was ugly and provided next to no light. The big brown brass light/fan fixture hadn’t been terribly visible when the wall was up, but once […]

Chez Newb: The Kitchen is Coming! Where Do We Hide?

Hello! I was talking to my Mom and Sue this weekend about the kitchen progress Chez Newb. They both said, what? you ordered your kitchen and you didn’t tell us? Last we heard you were tearing down walls and then…..nothing!? Yah, so last we left off, I was happily picking the direction for the kitchen. […]

Chez Newb: What’s Going on in the Kitchen?

Another weekend at the Newberry house means another weekend spent working on our kitchen update. Two weekends ago we took down a wall separating the kitchen from the dining room. This weekend we ripped down more drywall, beige tile and cupboards to create a big old hole between the kitchen and the playroom. Fortunately this […]