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For Those of Us Embracing the Small Kitchen

If you’re living in despair of a small kitchen, check out some tips from this tiny (read: 90 sq ft) Ottawa kitchen reno. Choose compact appliances. European models tend to be smaller than US or Canadian ones. (I love this picture because my grand-parents had these same retro glasses. I still have one as a […]

Stay in Style Destination: Ottawa

Sue and I are admittedly shameless when it comes to wanting to take a peek inside all kinds of houses. My latest window peeking comes from the fine folks hosting their houses on Airbnb. Heard of it? It’s another site meant to provide visitors with a place to lay their heads in a spot other […]

Chez Newb: Adding Curb Appeal with Stain

When we bought our house five years ago, we bought it for the potential and location, not for the exact state it was in at the time. It definitely had appeal to me, but not necessarily the curb appeal I really wanted. Very slowly throughout the years we’ve changed, renovated, added and upgraded so much […]

Design Crush: Golden Lake Rustics

Last week when we headed out for our yearly vacation on the sandy shores of Golden Lake (between Eganville and Barry’s Bay in the Ottawa Valley) I thought I was escaping from the world of design trends for a while…but when we arrived at McMillan’s Cabins one of the first things I saw was this: […]

Design Crush: Cushy Ottawa Cushion

When I was at Boogie + Birdie last week, shopping for my blogging better half’s birthday, I saw this fantastic pillow. Perfect for the Ottawa resident who needs to keep constant tabs on the lat and long of our fair city.   The cushion is made of a heavy linen and would be so great on […]

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