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Stay in Style Destination: Ottawa

Sue and I are admittedly shameless when it comes to wanting to take a peek inside all kinds of houses. My latest window peeking comes from the fine folks hosting their houses on Airbnb. Heard of it? It’s another site meant to provide visitors with a place to lay their heads in a spot other […]

Get This Look: 3 Ways To Use Linen In Your Home

Beach Style Living Room by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Nancy Van Natta Associates   Linen is classic and timeless, fresh and comfortable, soft and luxurious. It’s a sought-after textile in home decorating, offering a winning combination of natural beauty and durabiilty, but does present some challenges. Today I’ve rounded up a few great […]

Chez Nous: Sue’s Office + Cutting Edge Stencils Review

Remember my plans for creating a calm, sophisticated work space in my home office? I’m happy to report that all Minecraft playing now happens in other areas of the house. Even better, I have a new desk with lots more room to spread out. And the best part – when the lovely folks at Cutting […]

Design Crush: Threshold Hampden Stool

I have a quick crush that I need to share with you tonight. It’s a 24″ counter-height stool that I have absolutely no need for, but that I love from afar. Does someone else need an industrial-looking new perch? If you’re a savvy Target shopper, you’ll have picked up on the fact that it’s from […]

Take Your Decor Style From House to House

My aunt and I were talking about house styles awhile back. She said, ‘I bought a Victorian and felt like I had to decorate it like a Victorian’. Now she’s spending her time decorating her house the way she wants instead of what she thought the house had to look like. Bye bye wing chairs […]

Saturday Shopping: Alteriors

We promised to always share where our nose prints can be found. And today you can find where we pressed our noses against the windows at¬†Alteriors. Since that’s an incredibly horrible, yet uniquely descriptive photo, I’ll show you the real deal behind what made Sue and I stop short in our tracks on Bank Street […]

Design Crush: Vintage Rustic Dining Table Setting

I was shopping for a wedding gift at The Bay this week when I stumbled upon this display table. ¬†(Please pardon the phone pics…) I love it. It’s probably more dishes than I’d ever need to use at a dinner party, but sometimes beauty is in excess. The table is filled with vintage-looking bottles, thick […]