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For Those of Us Embracing the Small Kitchen

If you’re living in despair of a small kitchen, check out some tips from this tiny (read: 90 sq ft) Ottawa kitchen reno. Choose compact appliances. European models tend to be smaller than US or Canadian ones. (I love this picture because my grand-parents had these same retro glasses. I still have one as a […]

Get This Look: 3 Ways To Use Linen In Your Home

Beach Style Living Room by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Nancy Van Natta Associates   Linen is classic and timeless, fresh and comfortable, soft and luxurious. It’s a sought-after textile in home decorating, offering a winning combination of natural beauty and durabiilty, but does present some challenges. Today I’ve rounded up a few great […]

Homes We Love: Mini-Renovation, Mega Improvement

Today I’ve got a little before and after to share from one of my recent client projects. This kitchen had been completely renovated several years ago, but the homeowner called me in to help her change a few things that weren’t working for her. There was an awkward corner cabinet on the back wall, an […]

Design Crush: Metallic Linen

Metallic linen…you had me at hello. Jennifer Apple, Design Director for Maxwell Fabrics, recently noted that the combination of technology with authenticity and purity in materials is a major design trend for 2014. Maybe that’s why I’ve fallen so hard for these beautiful soft linens bathed in lustrous metallic sheen. They have shimmer and shine […]

Chez Nous: A Room Of My Own

“But Mom, where am I going to play Minecraft?” My 9 year old son was rather distressed when I informed the family that I was taking sole ownership of our home office. Sorry kid – when Minecraft starts contributing to the bottom line, we can talk. Until then, Mama’s got a business to run! I’ve […]

Take Your Decor Style From House to House

My aunt and I were talking about house styles awhile back. She said, ‘I bought a Victorian and felt like I had to decorate it like a Victorian’. Now she’s spending her time decorating her house the way she wants instead of what she thought the house had to look like. Bye bye wing chairs […]

Get This Look: January Blues

I know, despite all the signs to the contrary, it was “radiant orchid” and not a shade of blue that was named Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2014. But it’s January, the holidays are over, it’s COLD, and blue just seems a little more appropriate right now (especially if you’re Mere and had no […]

Saturday Shopping: Alteriors

We promised to always share where our nose prints can be found. And today you can find where we pressed our noses against the windows at Alteriors. Since that’s an incredibly horrible, yet uniquely descriptive photo, I’ll show you the real deal behind what made Sue and I stop short in our tracks on Bank Street […]

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