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The Great Accent Wall Debate

For anyone who’s been waiting for an update on my paint paralysis, here’s a sneak peek at the accent wall I painted in our bedroom on the weekend: It’s a deep, deep brown called Blackfoot Trail by Para Paints.* I wanted something dark and dramatic to minimize contrast with the headboard so that the whole […]

Decking Out The Yard Chez Newb

Hey there! I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend. Sue is getting the kids back at school today and my little guy is starting pre-school tomorrow. Yikes — the summer months flew by. At least we have this fabulous summer weather to keep us in a relaxed state of mind. (Right? ) To […]

The Gift of Time + Paint Progress

I was going to put together one of those Mother’s Day gift roundups that are popping up on all the blogs this week, but when I really thought about what I would like for Mother’s Day, just one thing came to mind: TIME. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that […]

Easy DIY: Painted Curtains

This post probably won’t fall under any “style” categories…but it will be filed under how I made something that I had kicking around in the basement work for me again.   As I mentioned yesterday in my dining room paint post, I even painted my curtains using PARA’s Ultra paint in Outer Space Cadet. The […]

Chez Nous: Starless Sky (#ParaBlogCrew)

  To (somewhat) make up for stealing Austin’s Minecraft room, I got out my paintbrush and roller on the weekend and cracked open a can of Para’s Starless Sky (P5155-62) for his bedroom. A little context: when we moved into our house in August 2012, we had all the main living areas painted. It was […]

Let’s Talk Tile Today

The kitchen update Chez Newb is continuing slowly during the holidays. We’ve gotten the cabinets and appliances installed & the electrical completed, but we’re taking our time (i.e. relaxing over the holidays & enjoying our family time!) finishing everything up. But one easy thing we can do is make a decision on backsplash tile. There […]

Chez Nous: A Tale Of Three Bedrooms

First, a big thank you to Mere for holding down the blog this week. While she was pounding out blog posts and knocking down walls in her kitchen, I was in Toronto at our Decorating Den Interiors regional meeting and had the chance to tour many of our preferred supplier showrooms. I am so inspired and […]

Get This Look: Which One of These Kitchens is Enlisting in the Navy?

Hey there! We’re continuing on our paint theme today by showing you some of my kitchen ideas. (We talked painting furniture yesterday & showed you our upcoming paint projects here on Tuesday). I wanted to share the mood boards behind my Para Paints kitchen inspiration colours. Slow & Steady Wins the Race…Sigh. Our kitchen update is progressing […]

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